Singapore Squash Championships 2024

Continued Triumph: Samuel Kang & Wai Yhann Au Yeong Secure Consecutive Wins at Singapore Squash Championships 2024

In the Men’s Open category of the Singapore Squash Championships 2024, Samuel Kang clinched his eighth title as the National Champion, showcasing a dominant display of skill and strategy on the court. Jerome Aw, having battled against his former Asian Games teammate, put up a commendable fight and secured a placement just behind the National Champion. Chua Man Tong’s consistent performance and tactical approach earned him a well-deserved spot among the winners, followed closely by Timothy Leong.

In the Women’s Open category, Au Yeong Wai Yhann stood out as the National Champion for an impressive seventh consecutive time, her agility and precision unmatched on the court. Ong Zhe Sim displayed remarkable tenacity, earning herself recognition among the winners with her strategic gameplay. Vicky Lai’s determination was evident, securing her position in third place, followed closely by Gracia Chua.

In other categories, Zack Eng secured top-four finishes in both Divisions one and two, a feat mirrored by Jason Ong in both Masters one and two categories. In the Novice Category, Randell Yeo and Eliana Siah both claimed the gold, showcasing promising talent and potential in the sport.

A big thank you to MARIGOLD for their continued support of our sport!

The Men’s Open Top 8 winners
The Women’s Open Top 8 winners
Women’s Novice Champion 
Men’s Novice Top 4
(missing: Champion Randall  Yeo)
Men’s Masters 1 & 2 Champion
Charlie Alexander Thomas
Men’s Div 2 Champion & Men’s Div 1 Top 4 winner
Zack Eng
Men’s Div 1 Champion
Raphael Macresy